Thursday, August 14, 2008

14 Long Days

I've been hiding in a virtual writing cave incommunicado since August 4th, 2008. I received two emails from literary agents who indicated they were either "too busy" or "not a match" to consider my current novel. With nothing too lose but sweat equity, stiff wrists, and finger cramps, I decided to "revamp" several chapters. Wow. I'm absolutely enthralled with the direction my novel has taken with a few minor tweaks!

After locating a reputable "Indie Publisher," I was encouraged to learn the Editor is currently seeking satire/humor twists! The rejection slips gave me the impetus to do some serious editorial work. My belief, is that one closed door gives me ample time to find another that is partially open. During my reprieve, I took a moment to reflect. I listened to a podcast by the imminently wealthy author Jack Cantfield. He was rejected by 144 publishers and agents before he landed a deal with the National Enquirer. Now he's the best selling author of the Chicken Soup for The Soul series with a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS! Talk about a Cash Cow!

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