Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blog Hype

Wanting to remain true to my core beliefs and the heart of why I write (not how or what I write) I found myself vacillating between pure hype and random entertainment. Since hype and entertainment are not always mutually exclusive, I feel it is my duty to give fair-market value for what you see on the site "When Ugly Was In."

Our code of conduct is simple: We will not con, beg, or manipulate you to view our blog. Will will not promote products that we would not, or have not used ourselves. We will not strain your eyes and cause your head to ache from the unsightly glare of neon banner ads. Nor will we instruct you to do things we know nothing about. We will not ask you to remove the hard-drive from your computer, or suggest you run it through your local Car Wash. We will not confuse you, tease you, insult you or tell you to scream in the Wal-Mart parking lot for 2 hours. We will not tell you to take a gun and rob an elected official. We will not give you the cure to athlete's foot, Internet Dating, Copy Cat Bloggers, or stubborn Malware. We will not make phony claims or try to appear perfect and/or intelligent by lecturing you about WHAT YOU NEED TO DO Ala Dr. Phil style. But what we will do is try to inform, entertain, and hopefully enlighten you in some small way. That is our mission and though far from accomplished, it is the thing we aim to do. For if we can do that from this tiny blog spot, we know that you know, we have done a very good thing.


Be Inspired Today said...

Thank you so much for the compliment! I am so passionate about introducing these principles to as many people as I can. 'Learn Out Loud' is a fantastic link to have on your site... I will definitely be back. I am currently working on a book and who knows... maybe soon you will be able to download it there :)

Thanks for the tip!


Anonymous said...

Your work would be a great fit for Learn Out Loud. They have a large selection of audio books on self-improvement, philosophy, and so much more. They also feature several FREE book-of-the-month selections that I know you'll enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck on your book!

Anonymous said...

Oh RT you are so cynical, I love it. I devoured every word of yours with lunch (normally egg sandwich in front of puter).

I am guilty as charged with many of the offences above.

But I also consider it my mission to "inform, entertain, and hopefully enlighten you in some small way." although my writing skills seem fractional to your own. I do, however, try to add humour, a touch of realism, I try to incite a little anger (just like garlic in a good stew, but most of all I want the world to consider some of the things that I see wrong in the world while doing all of this.

I find that people are not interested in reading "text" today, they need the visual, so my Blog has plenty of the visual. Yes, boring cats, kittens, dogs, kids, ferrets and iguanas have all featured. I do try to do it all in not-so-much a copy-cat way, I do try to add my individual flavour.

While I read your critisms, cowering with shame and guilt, as I did, I found them valuable to the point that you have just made me a better Blogger before even my next post.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Argentum Vulgaris how I love the sound of your name! And yes, you are correct that BLOGOREAH doesn't hold the attention of the average reader, but that may not be the audience I wish to reach.

Thank you so very much for making me laugh as I read your post. I will live on your kind words for days.

Ricmacas said...

Hey rt!
As part of our comments with links policy, i shall put my link in your blog too! If you remove it, i shall also remove yours :p
Also note that we have an network of link exchange bloggers from Portugal that you can't join . Sorry :( .

Ricmacas said...
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Ricmacas said...
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abby shumer donner said...

Hi there! Thank a lot for your kind compliments on my blog. Back atcha. I have now bookmarked your blog because I still can't understand how to just get this feed business. I'd go on but I'm practicing brevity at the moment.