Monday, August 4, 2008


Does it seem we (The Blogging Community) are living in a world of make believe? I mean, how many pictures of cats, kids, dogs, ferrets and iguanas can we look at? "Art-work" from photo-shop are becoming increasingly cartoonish and neither interesting or funny. Have we become over saturated, and over marketed to? So jaded, are we numb to view points that don't include a sliding picture show? Does anybody in cyberspace appreciate the gifts of the human spirit? Creativity, ingenuity, talent. Are such characteristics part of a dying breed? Questions easily asked; rarely answered. But take heart my fellow Blogger(s) the world we make on the web is patently our own. Until the next global gadget comes along, don't forget to keep those chain emails coming. Apparently, that's all we live for.

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