Saturday, August 2, 2008

Will All The People Who Hate to Laugh, Please Stop Laughing!

Ok. I did something really stupid. I deleted my first post and it can't be recovered. So what have I learned? Not much unfortunately. But I do know this: never, ever delete anything! No matter how many corrupted files and folders your overworked hard drive is trying to archive, NEVER DELETE ANYTHING until your computer walks away under its own power. Thank you for listening. Party On.


Amber D. said...

email me: and vie w my site please; yours is very interesting.

RT said...

Your Blog is interesting too. You have a great journalistic style to your writing. And I love the Naked Turtle question. My alter ego is Naked Ape.

Thanks for stopping by! Good luck on your Blog, Amber!

Deanna Lynn's Photography said...

Love your blog.
&& this post is very true- I've done the same thing, deleted files off my computer because the hard drive, and then realize I shouldn't of deleted it.

Anyway just wanted to tell you that your writing is execeptional.