Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's a Blog Eat Blog World

In my quest to save the literary arts community, I've discovered two very exciting websites for the Independent Writer. Whether your writing style is lyrical, erotic, political, fictional, biographical or satirical, you'll be sure to find a a strait-jacket and a warm body-bag at the following Indie Publishers: Soft Skull Press and Melville House Publishing

As one who grizzles at the dust jackets of corny, hokum milk-toast emanating from the butt-holes of mainstream publishing; my faith in literary art has been thoroughly revived. After placing my "baby" into the loving arms of Melville House, I finally feel I'm Home. Melville House has a simple credo. they want to see the whole thing and they want more than anything, "to let the work speak for itself". I also like their dark humor and utterly hostile stance toward talentless literary agents, and half-dead, barely alive publishers. So, if you are an illustrator or writer in the throes of finding a publisher; or you possess an artistic style that is not easily encapsulated in a one paragraph synopsis, I urge you to visit their websites. As Naked Ape would say: You'll like what you see and you will be satisfied.


Valash said...

Can you leave a link to find out more information on improving writing styles?


Anonymous said...

Ashely, my favorite site for free advice to up and coming writers is listed under My Blog List. Simply scroll to "Guide to Literary Agents". Then click on "Editor's Blog". You can sign up for a free subscription, or search the site for articles specific to your style.

The Reluctant Dreamer said...

This was good advice I have several friends who are strolling down the path of writerhood so this should help the out a bit.

Anonymous said...

Reluctant Dreamer-what a great name! I love the paradox!

My mission is to provide a place for underrepresented writers, poets and illustrators can connect (directly) to the most artistic and innovative publishers in the industry. Thanks for spreading the "word".

Jamie said...


Thanks for the advice on publisher's. I'm no were near ready looking for an agent or publisher as I'm working on getting everything from handwritten stage to typed, but when I get ready to begin searching, I will keep your picks in mind. :)

Happy reading and writing.